Happy Teachers Day to all teachers from all over the world…



This is our groups’ (ku, luke, pyan, reza, asip, qila and joy) project for video making..hehehe


I did not learn many things today. I just spent my day in the teachers’ room helping the teachers to key-in some data. But one thing that I gain today is being socialized with other teachers. My relationship with other teacher is getting better and I got to know their real personality. They actually are happy-go-lucky person. Other than that, today, an OKU student approached me and we spent about 15 minutes chatting with him. He wishes to be a teacher because he wants to serve and help the other OKU people. From the conversation I had with him, I realized that OKU person are also like normal person. They have their own ambition and the feeling of responsibility towards their community.


Today my perspective about being a teacher as an easy career was proven wrong. It is not easy to be a teacher. From the things that I had gone through today, I gained some useful and memorable experiences of being a teacher. It thought me how to control a class, attract the students’ attention and finally gain their respect in order for me to manage the class effectively. When attending the meeting with the representative of Ministry of Education, he shared some of his experiences of being a teacher and this strengthens my perception of being a teacher is a challenging job. A teachers’ responsibility is not only to deliver knowledge to students but we are also responsible to take care and be the ‘second parent’ to their students.


Throughout my observation in this school, I found that this is a well structured school. I had a good first impression when I first entered the school. The environment, facility, and the people of this school are all in good condition. The students are disciplined, facilities are well maintained, and the environment is appropriate for learning process. Teacher over here are quite friendly and helpful. Some of them even ask and offer me a helping hand in order for me to complete my pre practicum tasks. Mr Tunku Syamsudin gave me “Panduan Pengurusan & Takwim Sekolah” as guidance for me on how the school is being organized. All in all, my first day in SMK Sentosa was a excellent start for me in completing my pre practicum.


Views of SMK Sentosa….


For my prepracticum, I had chosen to be placed at SMK Sentosa Kampar. This school is located nearby Hotel Grand Kampar Hotel in Bandar Baru. It was built in 2001 and started to be used in 2002. There are altogether 708 students here whereas 54 teacher including 10 teacher for OKU students. Basically, SMK Sentosa is divided into 2 sections which are the Prime part and the Special part. Special section is for the OKU students while the Prime section is for the normal students. Personally, when I first entered this school, I found that this is a very unique school. This is because it is surrounded with green plants and this makes this school have a special environment for teaching and learning process.

The End Of First Year…..


Time goes by really fast and unnoticeably. Frankly speaking, I can’t really believe and accept the fact that I had spent a year in UKM. So far, UKM had given me many unforgettable memories which I will never forget for the rest of my life. Here, I learned the meaning of friendship, commitment to each other, the importance of being friendly, how to bring yourself to the society and many more important aspects of life.



Examination has started. I will be seating for 7 papers altogether which are, Kemahiran Bahasa Melayu Dalam Pendidikan, Language Awareness, Introduction To Literature, Tamadun Islam Dan Asia Tenggara, Psychology In Education, Technology In Education and finally Sofbol.

My preparation for these examination was quite well although it was just a last minute study..hehe

Really hope that I will do well in this exams and able to score high marks for it..


Technology In Education

Technology in Education is one of the course which i took in the second semester during my first year.
Here, we learned the importance of technology in education, photography, video and graphic in education, and  many more interesting stuff..
—Educational technology is the study and ethical practice of facilitating learning and improving performance by creating, using and managing appropriate technological processes and resources. It includes software, hardware, as well as Internet applications but not only limited to it.
All in all, i really enjoyed learning this course because it is full of interesting and useful things which are very important in this age of technology..

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